A Way Out

Hi guys.  I hope this post is finding you all well.  This is my first post for this blog.  Unfortunately, I had a post that was 98% completed last night.  But, I hit “some button” and lost it all.  Couldn’t retrieve it…couldn’t “undo” anything, etc…  I was so upset.  I was upset because I thought I had written something of worth.  Which, is not always easy to do. Right?

The fact is, is that I started a blog over a year ago with the idea of sharing Education Psychology with the world.  What kind of Psychology, do you say?  Exactly.

I’ve been in a job/industry for the past 16 years that has been so unfulfilling.  So, three years ago I got my Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology.  The field is pretty  much what it sounds like.  Psychology of education.  Studying/learning/researching how people learn.  I had the best experience and loved every minute of it.  Although, my friends and family might not have totally understood why I was so unavailable.  I’m in my (now) mid-forties.  I work full-time and was going to school full time.  The little free time I had, I used to spend with my husband and just relax and unwind.

Fast forward to today.  I’m still in that same job.  I’m still not working in the field of Educational Psychology.  But, that field is still my passion.  This is still something I strive to do.  I just, currently, work in an industry that is in some odd bubble of its own where it doesn’t translate to any “real world” experience.  Therefore….I’m not qualified for most jobs.  Apparently, a Master’s Degree doesn’t get you that far.

Anyway….I digress.  I’m excited to start this blog to connect.  I would love to connect with like-minded people that have gone through similar struggles, blocks or frustrations.  The title of this blog includes the subject of essential oils.  I did this, because I’m new to essential oils. Very new.  I bought a starter kit a year ago.  Only because I wanted to find some natural relief and healing.

Recently, I read the book, “Educated”.  Did you read this?  If not, you should.  And, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it.  https://tarawestover.com/book/  This book changed my thoughts, even more, on essential oils.  If you read it, you might understand.  But, after reading that book, I was convinced.  I need to experience all things oils.  Even down to cleaners, toothpaste, make-up and soap.

This blog is a trial (and maybe error) view on my experiences with these products and also….well, my life.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to learning from and meeting you.  Please share your experiences with oils, if any.  Again, I’m just starting out.  I’m happy to learn from you, as well. About anything.

I look forward to 2019 and all it has to offer.



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