Enjoying the theater scene

Recently, I won tickets to any play or musical of my choice through a raffle given by the company where I work.  My husband and I live in an area that is rich in the arts and entertainment.  However, my husband and I rarely go to plays or musicals or live events.  Not because we don’t enjoy them.  We really do enjoy them!  But, we’re such homebodies that leaving the house to do something culturally stimulating (especially in the dead of winter) doesn’t always occur to us.

I was thrilled to win the tickets to the theater, because that would force us to go do something!  We chose the musical, “Beautiful”.


What a great choice!! If you haven’t seen this, you must.  I went into this musical not knowing a whole lot about Carole King, but my husband convinced me that I’d know most of the songs and would love it.  And, he was so right.

When we got these tickets, we decided to make a day of it since the show was in the afternoon.  We had lunch at a fun little place in the city, went to the show and then went for a post-show bite to eat/drink.



Where we grabbed drinks and appetizers was, also, a fun place to go in the city that we hadn’t been to in a while.  While we were there I was appreciating the decor–namely, the lights and ceiling.  Nothing extraordinary, but I just thought it looked nice above the bar. A lot of the older buildings in the city have tiled ceilings that I think are so pretty.  This place had recently went through a remodel, but they kept some of the old tile which you can see in the picture on the left.


Although we had a wonderful day and evening, we were looking forward to getting home and relaxing.  I have many oils that I diffuse for relaxation or grounding.  But, last night I chose Lemongrass.  Mainly, because the aroma is absolutely amazing! Lemony and grassy.  Sweet.  It, seriously, smells like a spa.  But, it also has calming benefits.  I, mainly, diffuse it. But, there are also other benefits and uses for Lemongrass.  They include:

  • Skin-cleansing properties
  • Purifies the air from bad odors
  • Reduces musky aromas in moist, damp environments
  • Enhances massage after activity
  • Includes the naturally occurring constituents neral, geranial, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene
  • Add a few drops to your cleaning formulas to fill your home with the clean and refreshing smell of Lemongrass and to help with musky odors.
  • Make your own substitute for chemical-based air fresheners. Add up to 10 drops to a small spray bottle filled with distilled water and spritz it over carpets, furniture, and linens to eliminate stale odors.
  • Add Lemongrass to your nightly face regimen for its skin-cleansing benefits.

lemongrass oil

Let me know what you did that was fun or relaxing this weekend.  Can you recommend any plays or musicals to me?  I’d love to get out of the house and into theaters more often!  Hamilton is coming, here, soon.  That’s one we’re going to shoot for!



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