Connecting to joy

My husband and I went to lunch, today.  We ventured to the city (mind you it’s only 15-20 minutes away).  When we decide to do this, we’re usually never disappointed.  We love the suburb we live in, but it doesn’t have the options, variety or culture that venues in the city bring.

We chose a Mexican restaurant.  It’s his favorite food, and I was just happy to get out of the house and stomach anything that had flavor (see previous post).  This place is great.  It’s in this huge old warehouse.  The warehouse is two stories and is home to quite a few other restaurants and various small businesses/shops.  Very eclectic.

But, it was a nice way to spend a couple of hours.  After eating a late lunch, we walked around and he found a store that had nothing but vintage toys and baseball cards.  He was in heaven.  THANKFULLY, right next to it was a store that had items I was interested in!

I’ve been getting back to my “roots”, lately.  Meaning, back to the little things that have always brought me joy.  Writing, reading, natural means of wellness and stones/crystals.  This place I found was a store that was all things stones, crystals, meditation tools, books, incense, essential oils…I think you can get the idea.  I walked in and was immediately relaxed and happy.  Maybe more so because I wasn’t in a vintage toy store!

After telling one of the sales-people that I wouldn’t be affording the $1200 geode, I wandered over to the small stones section and collected a few to bring home.  Happy.  Here’s a few pictures from this store, though.  Aren’t these things gorgeous!?


Are you like me and trying to “get back” to what brings you joy?  It took my niece to remind me that stones and crystals bring me joy.  When I was little, I used to collect stones and rocks from anywhere and everywhere.  If we’d take a family trip to some museum and it had a stone pathway in the parking lot, I would trail behind my sister and parents to find and collect the prettiest stones I could find.  I still love doing this…but, with shells.  Unless, I’m in Cape Cod.  Then, it’s stones/rocks and shells!

But, my niece is all things natural and beautiful.  She calls upon crystals to bring her healing and energy.  She uses essential oils to ground and calm her.  This girl is my kindred spirit.  But, I’m grateful to her for the genuine and beautiful way she showed me  what used to bring me joy.  She didn’t even have to try.  She was just being herself.  I hadn’t even realized I was missing it in my life.

So, I sit here with my new stones and crystals.  My (much smaller) Himalayan Salt lamp lit, Frankincense diffusing in my diffuser and feeling completely at peace, grounded and relaxed.  It’s been a good day.  And, for that, I am grateful.

I wish you all a great rest of your weekend.  I hope you do or find something that brings you joy.  Let me know what that is!



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