Could shark DNA lead us to a cure for cancer?

Not long ago, I saw a news clip on the Today Show website that really piqued my interest.  Great White Sharks could be our answer to curing cancer.  Did you see this?  It was on The Today Show.  Check it out… Today.

The researchers have been studying Great White Shark DNA and have found that these sharks have 50% more DNA than humans!  Why?  So, they can keep themselves healthy.  Interesting, right?

Watching the news clip blew me away and got me thinking.  Everything on this planet is here for a reason….a purpose.  Think about it.  The Earth was not created to include animals, plants, water, air…any element….any gene…any thing…..that was not intended to be of some benefit.  Right?  If you believe in evolution or not, God or not, it boils down to the same thing.  This planet was made with everything on it that we all need to survive.  Otherwise, why would be inhabiting this place?

Which is why it makes me sad when I hear of plants and animals becoming extinct.  We don’t know what’s in our forests, or water, that could be holding some life-saving properties.  If a plant becomes extinct….there goes the chance to really understand its potential.

Same thing with animals/mammals.  According to the finding that was on the Today Show, Great White Sharks have extra DNA.  Why?  To keep them healthy.  So, scientists are now wondering if this extra DNA could be helpful to humans.  Why wouldn’t it be?  It’s worth looking in to.  Would you agree?

The point, or question, is…this planet was made to support us.  It may take us thousands of years to figure out how.  Or, we may never figure it all out.  But, we are of the Earth and vice versa.  We have the same elements within our bodies that make up the Earth.  Therefore, one might conclude that this planet can heal us.  It could keep life going.  This planet gets rid of those that are not necessary (think dinosaurs or survival of the fittest) and keeps those that benefit life (think bees).

When I saw the clip on the news about the shark DNA it all came together.  People fear sharks.  But, these creatures may have a purpose that is bigger than we can imagine.  They may just save us from cancer.  That is, if we’re able to keep the sharks from becoming extinct.

How many of us have lost a loved one to cancer?  I have.

Like so many other potential life-saving means on this planet, humans tend to destroy nature’s gifts.  Rainforests, for example.  I remember when I was in high school (I’m now 46), learning that a scientist found a plant, there, that could cure cancer.  But, with deforestation….who will ever know.

So….with that in mind, I’m more encouraged to learn from my essential oils and use them! They are natural.  They are from plants this planet made thousands of years ago.  This planet would not have created these plants (and kept them) if they weren’t beneficial.

Think about that for a moment.  Beneficial plants made into oils that benefit our health….for thousands of years.

Join me on this journey to natural health.  I would love to hear from you.



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