Oils and a purpose

Have you ever felt lost?  Not necessarily unhappy.  But, just direction-less?  I’ve been feeling that way for many, many years.  I work for someone else’s dream, not mine.  But, what’s my dream job?  I feel like I’ve been trying to answer that question most of my life.  It’s exhausting, frustrating and creates feelings of hopelessness, confusion and unworthiness.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?

So, this year I’ve finally decided that I’m tired of feeling stuck and unworthy of living the life I want to live.  But, HOW do I become unstuck??  How do I find the way to live for me and my family and not for someone else?

What I’ve been discovering is that I don’t need to worry about the how.  I just had to decide that I need and crave a change.

So, I’ve gotten my hands on as many “self-work” (my new term instead of self-help) books and podcasts as possible.  I’ve been doing more learning about what oils are good for what.  And, I’m becoming more and more confident in building my business with Young Living.

Tips on living:

-ALL of us are worthy of living the life we desire

-ALL of us already have within us ALL of the tools we need

-Decide and DO

-Be consistent with your work towards building the life of your dreams (Every. Day.)

-Don’t EVER stop!

What I’ve been finding with doing all of this self-work, everyday, is that it’s becoming more and more of a natural thing.  I listen to and trust what my intuition tells me to see, hear, read, and do.  I’ve never been present or aware enough to do that, before.  And, even the smallest of successes bring more and more confidence in myself and of what I’m capable. I am being pulled forward.  Does that make sense?

Every day I see and talk to those that are struggling.  They’re either struggling financially, emotionally or both.  I see this opportunity I am experiencing with Young Living and want to share it with everyone…to “make” them see what can help them on a road to wellness.  But, I can’t make anyone see what I’ve been discovering.  In order for change to happen in anyone’s life, that person needs to decide and create change.  Or, at least, be willing to do the work that creates that change.  Even, one small step/change everyday.

A funny thing happened last night.  I cut my index finger pretty badly on some broken glass that I was trying to pick up.  The glass was under a plastic bag, which had fallen, so I didn’t realize where the break was.  Blood everywhere!  Rushed inside my house, putting pressure on the finger and ran it under water.

My first thought was….what oil do I have that can help in this situation?  I knew I needed Helichrysum.  But, I only had that oil in a blend that also included wintergreen and peppermint.  I didn’t want it to sting the open cut.  So, I knew I had Clove and Tea Tree.  These oils are anti-microbial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory in nature.  So, I poured them on the cut.  The bleeding would not stop, though.

After texting two nurses that also use oils, they said put Panaway on the open cut.  It contains Helichrysum oil.  This will reduce the bleeding.  Okay.  And…boom!!  Magic!!  Bonus…Panaway also contains Clove oil.  Which I had already poured on the cut.  So, I was feeling much better.  Thank goodness!

(I don’t recommend putting ANY other essential oil in your body and on your skin than Young Living Essential Oils.  They are the ONLY company that promises Seed to Seal®, so you know you are 100% getting the oils straight from the plant.  Nothing else added!)

This morning, I felt I should work from home to keep a more contained environment and eye on the cut.  Should I realize I need stitches, then I’m just minutes away from an Urgent Care facility.  The company I work for let me work for an hour, then said they didn’t need me for the rest of the day.  What?!  I know and can see the report of how much work there is and has to get done.  This is not the first time they’ve treated me this way when I’ve asked to work from home for not feeling well or for any other life reason.

So, I’m sitting here now.  Reading Boss Up!, by Lindsay Teague Moreno, and thinking to myself maybe this was all supposed to happen this way.  Maybe, I was supposed to stay home today to build my dream instead of the people I work for from 8-5pm.  I don’t feel valued.  I don’t feel needed.  I don’t feel appreciated.  And, I’ve worked there for 17 years!!

Have you ever felt like this?  Clearly, I can do better.  I deserve better.  You do, too.

For more information on Young Living, go to http://www.youngliving.com or https://bit.ly/2L2KLDx.

Love and wellness.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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