What does freedom take?

Hi there.  You may recall from my last post, I’m reading Boss Up!, by Lindsay Teague Moreno.  Today, I’m reading it while sitting on my patio soaking up the late afternoon sun.  When I do things like this, I wonder…why can’t this be my everyday?  Well…because of reality.  Not everyone can do whatever they want whenever they want. Right?  We all have bills and mortgages.  Kids, possibly.  Student loans!  Not working for corporate America just isn’t a luxury we can all afford.  Or, is it?

My husband and I built this patio ourselves.  Not knowing the agony of what it would take to do it. And, it was agony most of the time!! We had a higher purpose in mind for doing it.  We wanted to be able to enjoy being in our back yard.  We wanted to create a space that was calm and relaxing.  So, we kept pushing on despite all of the arguments that ensued that summer. Many.  Arguments.  Of course, it has been totally worth all of our sweat and tears.  I sit out here as often as I possibly can during the warm months, because it is my happy place.  Also, because I live in Western New York and we have Winter most of the year!  A girl has to get her Vitamin D!

Anyway…I do get sad that I can’t spend more time out on my patio.  It’s quiet.  I get to watch birds and bunnies and chipmunks.  If I’m out here late enough, I even get to watch the bats.  (I do love bats. Not kidding)  I can’t tell you how I love being able to type this while sitting out here.  It feels like the perfect dream!

So, these thoughts have brought me to the point of this blog.  I know that blog-writers are mostly business people.  And, that’s a great thing!  I have my business with Young Living, but I also just really like writing!  Sometimes, I forget how much I like to write and this site goes by the wayside.  (I’m determined to keep it at the forefront of my mind, now!)

But, the point is….you can start and own your own business for just $165.  Did you know that?  I didn’t.  I thought I needed thousands of dollars to have freedom in my life. Freedom from my 8-5, time freedom, financial freedom, family freedom.

When I discovered  Young Living, I just wanted to try what essential oils were.  I had already been a representative for a jewelry company, before.  I saw success, and I didn’t want to do that again.  I thought…I need to keep a “regular” job like society tells me I should.  So, I kept searching for jobs online, etc.  And, though I have a Master’s Degree with a 3.9 GPA I’m still unqualified.  Maddening to say the least.

So, I said why not to Young Living.  I believe in the product.  I believe in the company.  Nothing else is working, so what’s to lose?  The great part is that I only had to pay $165 for my starter kit (valued at over $400) to position myself for more of what I’m worth.

Since I’ve made that decision I’ve done a TON of personal development work.  I’m LOVING the process, too.  I’ve hid behind the belief that I’m too shy and not creative enough to do anything for myself.  (the lies we tell ourselves!)  I’m realizing that I AM actually creative! What!?  ME??  I’ve just pushed it down, because I was told that by someone, somewhere when I was young.  (sigh)

So, I encourage you to take a look at what your dreams look like.  Is there another way to make them a reality?  Do you want to live while you’re alive…and not try to fit everything in after you’ve retired?  Do you want to live above the wellness line?  Emotionally, physically, financially and mentally?  Do you want to travel the world?  I do!!  Do you have to ask for time off from a boss?  Yeah…me, too.

I support you on your quest for freedom.  We ALL deserve to live the life of our dreams.

For more information on Young Living or how you can join me on this oily journey, please visit http://www.youngliving.com or https://bit.ly/2L2KLDx.




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