I Want to Go Home

Home is, literally, where my heart is.  And, I’ve recently only begun to understand why I just want “to go home”.

Not long ago, I heard on a podcast that if you’re always wanting to go home you really just want to come home to yourself.  Meaning, you want to live life on your own terms.  Mind blown!

Home is within us, our soul. Our spirit.  What we long to be or live for.  This couldn’t be more true for me.

I just want to go home.  I just want to be me.  I just want to have what I want.  I just want to be whom I’m meant to be.

I do say that I want to go home nearly everyday.  Seriously.  Even when I’m home.  I say, “I just want to go home”.  Until I heard that podcast, I thought it just meant I wanted to stay home.  That, I didn’t want to go to work.  But, hearing that…it just makes so much sense!  I want to live my life how I want to live it.  Not how someone else tells me to live it.  Or, more accurately, by someone else’s terms and schedule.

I don’t believe we are meant to live out someone else’s dream.  Unless, we share that dream or vision.  Or, at least, have some vested interest.  But, I think many of us are unaware that it’s okay for us to want more for ourselves.  To dream and want to live out that dream.  It’s OKAY!!

Have you ever heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? I’m sure many of you have.  I don’t know what grade I was in when I first learned of it.  Possibly, 9th grade.  When my teacher was explaining the pyramid, she said to us (or maybe I misunderstood what she meant) that during our lifetime we will never achieve the highest need.  Self-Actualization.  That was a hard thing to understand.  What is the purpose of striving to fulfill all of these “needs” we have, if we never realize the most important one of all??

Image result for maslow's hierarchy

So, I grew up (seriously) believing that I would never achieve self-actualization.  And, if by some off-chance I did….I would die the minute it happened.  I wish I were joking!  I only understood that I believed this recently!  It’s been deeply planted in my brain this whole time! Through doing all of the self-work I have been doing while building my Young Living business, I’ve slowly discovered that I can have what I desire and still see the next day!  Although, I have to admit, I have to remind myself of this truth. Every. Single. Day.

So, I held myself back.  Kept myself small.  Trying to do better for myself, but getting afraid I was getting too close to death.  Living in fear.  That’s what I did.  I was afraid of self-actualization and what that really meant for me.

Here I am. In my, now, late 40’s.  Just figuring life out.  I don’t want that for you.  I want you to realize you CAN have your dreams.  You CAN make them happen and live a fulfilling and happy life.  Where do you want to be a year from now?  What do you day-dream about?  What lights you up?

I, recently, came across Jenna Kutcher’s podcast Goal Digger.  Maybe you have heard of her.  I hadn’t until last week!  But, she provides strategies for creating a life you want to live.  I recommend you check out her podcast along with Cathy Heller’s, Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast.

I feel like I’m on the edge of coming home.  And, nothing is more exciting to me right now.  My purpose. My heart.  I wish that for you, as well.  Go write down your dreams and see what you come up with!



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