Weekend Musings

The weeks have been heavy, lately.  By the weekend my soul is toast.  And, therefore, so is my energy.  Being an introvert and an empath makes protecting my energy, these days, extremely challenging. I mean it was tough enough before the middle of March happened!  Anyone else with me?
After having typed that I realized that I haven’t been using my oils like I normally would.  There could be something to that.  I haven’t been taking aromatic care of myself. This wasn’t the intent of this blog post, but I’m going to take it in that direction (just for a second) if you’ll humor me.
Let’s briefly discuss the benefits of inhaling essential oils.  I’m not a doctor, but there is science behind it. And, I wish I were more “sciencey“!!  Basically, when using essential oils aromatically, they affect the limbic system and cells of the body (just like any other “scent”).  The Young Living Essential Oils I use are guaranteed straight from the plant.  So, I know there’s nothing added and inhaling these oils will actually help me not harm me.
I don’t have a reason that I didn’t diffuse any essential oils last week, except that my mind was elsewhere with work and what’s going on in the world.  I wasn’t being mindful to what my body needed.  I, also, usually use an essential oil blend on my adrenal glands everyday.  I didn’t do that last week, either.  Ironically…earlier today I found a cool blog post about our adrenal glands. If you’d like to read what these glands do you can read about them here.  Thanks to this post, I was reminded of how important these little glands are to our health.  While typing this, I just made sure to roll that blend on to my adrenals (mid/lower back).
Anyway….that wasn’t the intent of this post. So, I’ll move on. OR…maybe it actually is the intent of this post. Not necessarily essential oils and my adrenal health, but health in general.  Our wellness.  Have you been taking your usual measures of care for yourself?  With gyms, spas, salons, and alternative places of wellness being closed what are you doing to care for yourself?
Honestly, I have been doing the bare minimum.  I have, however, gotten a whole lot better at taking supplements everyday.  So, I’m proud of that.  I usually don’t take them all at once, but I did today.
Now that these wellness businesses are starting to open back up I couldn’t be more excited!  I haven’t been slacking on my own wellness because I don’t care.  I think I just got into the mindset of “why bother”.  Which is awful!  You know why I should bother?  So I feel like myself and don’t gain weight (I’ve gained A LOT)!  So I sleep better. So my joints don’t ache. And, so I’m not grumpy and tired all of the time.
I’ve been working from home, so I don’t need to go anywhere or see anyone.  I have a “home gym” in my basement, but have discovered I can sleep until just before I have to clock into work.  So my otherwise normal morning workouts have become pretty much non-existent.  And, for me, that means the chances of me working out are slim to none. Believe me, this is not how I want to live and take care of myself.  I love exercise!  I always feel so much better when I do!  I’m sure you do, too!
I look forward to when the gyms open back up.  When I can get a Reiki appointment scheduled.  Or a massage.  I need all of these things!!  My body feels completely out of whack.
I’d love to hear from you. How have you been taking care of yourself during these past few months?  Or, haven’t been taking care of yourself?  I hope you have been able to find something that works for you.  Me?  The one thing that’s been saving my soul is being able to get outside.  Whether for a walk or sitting on the patio…like I am right now.  Sun and fresh air….
Wishing you health and wellness.

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Hello!  My name is Lynn.  I’m a wife, a cat mom of three, a daughter and a sister. I used to be someone who had immense self-doubt in all areas of my life.  I had a lot of anxiety and very low self-confidence.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to have to call my husband and ask him to hurry home due to a panic attack.  I would start projects and not complete them.  I think this was because when I got into the project, I felt I wasn’t good enough, and who was I to be trying that thing anyway.  I didn’t feel I deserved my dreams or desires.

The confidence and anxiety got worse.  My anxiety was getting so bad that I would stay home from work more than I should.  I stopped driving on the expressway into work for fear of a panic attack while driving (this had happened many times before).  I felt ashamed that I couldn’t handle something I had done thousands of times before.  This, therefore, decreased my confidence even further.  But, I just figured this was the way my life was going to be.  Depression sunk in.

I wasn’t looking for a solution to change my self-doubt, confidence, etc..  But, I had a friend using some natural products that piqued my interest. I researched the company she was using and knew it was a fit.  If nothing else, I knew I needed a healthier approach to my and my husband’s life. I have always been someone who appreciated nature and am a lover of animals and the environment. So, I took a chance.

While, I’m still in the process of working on myself and having a healthier lifestyle, my outlook on life and myself has completely changed. My confidence has greatly improved, and I now know I am deserving of my dreams and desires. Everyone is! I don’t have nearly the amount of anxiety or panic attacks over the past few months.  And, I’m even driving on the expressway more often.  The freedom from fear is life-changing!

I now look forward to a healthier and enjoyable life with my husband.  I feel good knowing I am helping myself and my family with a company that puts the planet first. I am moving forward in life with less fear and more excitement.  I am especially excited to help others, like you, discover more confidence along with a healthier way of living.  Join our group of empowered women where the support and encouragement is unwavering.

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